Friday, March 8, 2013

Letting Go!

It was time....

Big Black Bold letters
was what I saw
climbing down ladder
and there was something stuck in me
in my throat chest heart
It is, she is!

It will take me and her a little while
to get used to the idea,
the black, the bold, the big...
but we will get there!

Already she`s been acting and reacting
send off mysterious alarms,
to no connected wires on her starter,
and three o`clock she wakes us with the shrill of her gas alarm
with no gas to leak, no gas to seep.

`I am here!` she shouts.
`I am reacting,
 and acting!
`You can`t just do this to me,
  talk to me!

But the words were stuck in me,
somewhere in my throat,
                      my chest
                      my heart.

How can I make you feel better
if I can`t?
How can you make me feel better
if you can`t?

`Time...`she whispers.
In my core, in my balsa I am,
just give us some time,
me and you, she sighed
and I touched the warm tear rolling down my cheek.

...all in god time!

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