Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leaving Walvis Bay

We left Walvis Bay for the second time. We left for an hour yesterday, popped the champagne, but our main sail gave us problems, and we decided to turn back. Only when we learnt about the superstitions of the Yacht people at the Yacht Club, and then checked the book, Rudi and Deslynn from Maverick Yachts, gave us, we started thinking... So we learnt that departure on a Friday is taboo!! I started reading this book , How to rename your boat immediately! And now I am superstitious too.

We sailed out of Walvis Bay at 17hoo, heading for the unknown. With darkness came the 3m swells and the sea changed into a choppy mass of water. We were rolled all through the dark night and I was so glad to see the first light of day!

Lunch was served when we caught a skipjack tuna, a yellow tail and Marco caught his first Dorado!

Ps. Happy birth day Anton!

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