Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moving onto Andando tomorrow.

It is time! I have been so excited just like a little girl holding her daddys` hand on her way to the Zoo. But tonight I am up, and can`t sleep, because when I look at the big entrance of the Zoo with the posters of animals all over, my tummy is turning and ending in a knot! But I am a big girl now, and I am still holding my Daddys` hand and I know that I am going to love the Zoo.

We borrowed jerry cans to fill up diesel, and we hired a car, and we drove to the fuel station to buy the diesel for so cheap. We sniffed diesel all the way there and back, doing three trips already. Don`t think I am complaining, although I prefer the smell of petrol to diesel...
Marco and Joe are sleeping on Andando again tonight, rolling around last night on the plastic covers on the matresses. So tonight I covered the matresses with a nice protective cover for a soundless sleep. Martin, the last remaining previous crew member is moving off tomorrow morning, so Andando will be fully occupied tomorrow by our family!

Catlyn is still a handfull, making sure we will not forget her in the next couple of months. I washed her top deck yesterday and gave her a good layer of polish. The rest of her still has to be done before Monday. It will be easier for me to clean and store her in a good way as soon as we moved onto Andando. I`ve already took out the dehumidifier to keep her dry, and I can just recall the stuffy boat we had in Langebaan (SA) during winter.

Yacht Island Khaya, from SA, and now laying in the beautiful Store Bay, asked us about our sick engine.. We are still waiting for Yanmar Holland for a reply, after Yanmar Trinidad took so many photos and eventually they took the whole sail drive with as well. I am sure they can replace everything without us being aboard, but we will be staying for a week or so to do our antifouling as soon as we are back in Trinidad. My Skipper promised to write a complete report on the whole sail drive issue and the outcome as soon as we have news.

Now that I shared my excited nervousness with you, I feel a bit better, and will try to get some sleep ...

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