Monday, March 26, 2012

Anti-fouling at Peakes!

I am sorry for neglecting you and the blog, but I had a very demanding lady on my case, and she demanded all our attention. We are almost ready to put her back into the water where she belongs, on Tuesday!  The big decision which anti-fouling to choose were done, and we used the Jotun range and decided to keep her elegantly black. The previous anti-fouling was still in quite a good condition, so she is defnitely going to last longer fighting off the barnacles and slime.

Yanmar stood by their product and the saildrive was replaced fully under guarentee. It is going to be awesome with two engines1

That was the two big things on the list, but all the little nigglies kept us busy the rest of the time. I painted all the lockers and cuboards and every hole begging for a clean strip of paint! Some silicone needed to be replaced, and we had time to wash all our lines. They are smelling so good after being in Stasoft for a whole day.

But me made time for fun! Marco, our party planner made sure of that! He enjoyed the company of the two girls on Jingles, the Knysna. Even Joe thrived on female company. Nauti-cat, whom we waved good bye in Saldanha, SA, sailed in here a week ago, and we loved sharing stories with John, Denise and little Natasha.  Martin, one of the leftover crew from Andando,  also popped in for South-African hospitality and good food.

Margaretha entertained us on an evening with the locals 'doubles' a folded dough with ghanna and pepper and a spicy filling, and drove us to the Punch stall with quick energy boosters. peanut punch in a huge polysterene cup mixed with condensed milk and more, and a delicious beetroot and carrot and paw paw punch disguised in more condensed milk! This is going to last me for tomorrows` work on Catlyn!

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