Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maverick 400 gets out of the dry!

Since I`ve  entered the world of the Big Blue, so much have changed. I always tried to think that the changes were outside of me, but I only found them again inside...

We started our last morning on the hard at Peakes, with an unusual calm, and worked through the to do list step by step. During the last hour we rinsed Catlyn down with her last fresh water for a long time, getting rid of the naughty spots the birds are dropping on us, and I gave the teak a last layer of linseed oil and even they were glowing! We worked through the list of preparations, and everything was ready. Catlyn stood proudly waiting for the monstrous travelift to fetch her. Joe was keeping a careful eye on the last touch of anti- fouling for her tummy, and she was airborne!

Why is it that every time this happens, your breath just gets stuck in your throat? Ian and Lesley and the two girls(Jingles) were anxiously watching them trolleying Catlyn to the water.

I was so excited to set her free in the water where she belongs after six and a half months, but my emotions got the most of me, because I knew that soon the time will come to say good bye to this beloved boat of ours. How is it possible to love a boat so much? It is just a boat! But she`s so much more. Last night when I crawled into my cabin, nestling in her uterus, cradled by her love and falling asleep by her gentle rocking....I decided to make every moment mine for ever, to last me for the days when I will miss her so...

After a lovely dinner with Jingles crew at Zanzibar, we went home, to Catlyn!

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Theophile said...

Congratulations S/Y CATLYN and her crew!
We know the feeling of completiung the haul!!
Much love from GRAINEDO and her crew!