Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sailing to Grenada.

A friend of mine said a friend of her said….never ask a sailor the next two things at the same time!  A time and a location….we can only do one at a time! We were on our way to Grenada, and we planned to leave about five in the afternoon, with our South-African friend Margaretha joining us. The to do list kept us busy and all the good byes  took some time….and eventually we departed  just before eleven that night. We missed the Friday with an hour, thank goodness, otherwise me and my superstition of never starting a journey on a Friday was in jeopardy!

Catlyn was behaving like a jealous women!  Somewhere she heard about us sailing away with Andando to New-Zealand, leaving her on the hard.  With the wind up to 22 knots and the swells on the beam, she sailed us with female pride to speed up to 10 plus knots!  She was loaded with 1 000 liters of water, 840 liters of Diesel and I am sure another ton of food and good stuff… .but even with the main in a first reef, she couldn`t resist flirting with us.

Poor Margaretha suffered a bit and came out the next morning slightly pale, but luckily Grenada was on the horizon. 

When she heard the commotion of Joe battling the big Wahoo aboard she peeked out of her cabin.

The beautiful island was awaiting us. We dropped anchor in Prickley Bay, and after a cold drink took the dinghy to Customs and Immigration. It went smoothly with the friendly people on the other side of the table.

We slept so well with the gentle rocking of Catlyn and no noises or black soot like in Trinidad.  The boys enjoyed the warm water, and Marco bundled  us all into the dinghy after we sailed to Grand Anse, south of St Georges.

We were lazy after the margaritas with Margaretha, but it was good to walk the white beach and swam in the clear blue water.  Too soon it was time for Margaretha to fly back to Trinidad, but she will always be a part of us!

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