Sunday, March 4, 2012

Maverick 400, our Catlyn!

We are home! After landing in Trinidad, we were shocked when we were told at 'Immigritation' (Johan wanted to rectify my spelling mistake with this new spelling, and I thought it is exactly what it is...Immigri...iritation!!) that we needed new visas again! But we were stubborn, and saw a supervisor and another...and they just pulled up their shoulders. Eventually they realised that we are not prepared to pay the 280US$, and they gave us two days to get to the Immigration at Chaguaramas, to plead our case.

We couldn`t find a taxi big enough to handle all our luggage, but we just gave a guy a big smile and started bundling into his taxi, with the bags on our laps, behind us, under our feet, but everything was in and we were on our way to Catlyn, our Maverick 400 Catamaran that is at Peak Yacht Services.

She stood their high and dry, and oh my word, so dirty! To leave a boat closed up for five months without fresh air, without love and care is not a good thing! We did install an aircon, after friends of ours, Andre and Alison from Yacht Ratcatcher (see their blog)  went over to open her up, but still the mold, the dust the stuffyness was all over her! Our garden survived! Marco was so happy to see the little basil, now a tall stalky one, the avo with its thick trunk and the beautiful palm tree!

It was a scramble just to get our cabins and beds ready and clean for a good night`s rest before the hard work to start the next morning.

Where is room service if you need them?

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Grape Soda said...

omg i am in love with this blog i am soooooo buying a boat soon :)