Saturday, March 3, 2012

South-Beach, Miami.

We had one weekend to make memories to last us for a long time again! We drove to South-Beach, Miami for the day with the three boys bundled into the back of the car, and poor Chai, Jaco`s friend, in a tight corner. It was wonderful to hear the familiar voices, jokes and laughter...three muskateers pulling Chai`s leg all the time. It was windy and grey, and after searching for an hour to find a parking spot, we found one for 20US$ for the day! We enjoyed the energy of all the beach goers, despite the weather on the streets and in the shops, and Joe enjoyed the pretty girls in high heels.

It was the 25th of February and Janlie, our daughter`s born day twenty years ago! It felt a little bit better having one more member of our family with us, while missing her so dearly.

We ended the day, starving, in a Chinese Restaurant with a buffet. Just the right place for four hungry youngsters...oysters, crab, sweet and sour everything and pizza for Marco. And to fill the last bit, ice cream in all the flavors! It was the best Chinese buffet ever. Only the salmon was not as good as Nicks`!

Again the boys slept over in Jaco`s room, and this time Marco didn`t mind sleeping on the clean carpet!

The next day we just lazied around the hotelroom. Very close together on the two king size beds each one was busy with their own thoughts and stuff, already dreading the goodbye.We were impressed with the Best Western, Florida. The complimentary breakfast was good, especially the waffles freshly baked.

'Goodbye Jaco, be happy!'

The rented Ford Taurus was packed, and nearing Miami Airport my stomach was in a knot again. How to get everything on the plane without being noticed? The four heavy bags were checked in at excactly 50lb each! Going through the scanners we tried to look as busy and happy as can be, hoping no one will notice Marco`s shoulders are cut by the weight of his bag. 'Take off your shoes, unpack almost everything in your hand luggage...and we ended up with a train of trays filled with our stuff!'  And on the other side, we had to keep cool and clear to get everything back into our carry on bags again. So far so good! But it had to happen somewhere. Since we left New-Zealand a month ago we succeeded sneaking everything in, but right after handing over our boarding passes, just before a very relieved sigh escaped our lungs, a gentleman, took us aside! 'Too many hand luggage pieces!' But politely he told us, that we can keep everything if we can show him only two pieces per person! He ain`t seen nothing yet! Within seconds four people bend down, huffed and puffed and squeezed.....and two pieces each was presented, although they were bursting and poor Marco battled to keep a straight face, under the weight! Even my favorite bag, my friend Andria bought in Italy, slowly gave way under the weight!

It was with great relieve that we landed in Trinidad, about three hours later...flying over the beautiful ocean, excitement slowly seeping into our bodies...we are going home! 

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