Saturday, March 10, 2012

To say or not to say...

I really thought long and hard...and then I decided to write this blog. Half way through California, stopping at fueling stations and restaurants asking people for 'toilets', we met a women in Kingman! After sharing a bottle of wine and laughter and a salmon and some more laughter, the word 'toilet' was mentioned! Oh no! Not that word! Disgusting! How can we even think about using that word? Restroom! Now that is approriate! We realised that the word we are used to is totally taboo, and we understood some of the sideway glances we received.

This women visited South-Africa some time ago, and was stunned to see the big hole our 'restrooms' had. She was hanging on for dear life every time, scared to be swirled down by the huge mouth monster. In California, the restroom has a small mouth, swirling and twirling. And I got frightened when one of the 'restrooms' was sucking with airplane force the moment you stand up. You really have to plan your standing up and sitting down carefully for this motion detector to see or not to see!
I ended up giggling a bit, when I went to the 'restroom' at the Grand Canyon, staring down at a big black hole! I still wonder if there is a place for the long the fancy 'restroom'?

 Ps. And then I met a girl from Indonesia...they call these monsters...CR`s for Comfort Room! I comfortably rest my case!

Renna Matthews mentioned in a comment.

Renna wrote: "Marlene - Timing is right on... as I head back east again, so many things I love about the travel but I packed a scarf to hold over my nose so I can attempt to hold my breath in the "restrooms"  (if you can even call them that there)... no rest there!! Just survival in the Asian "squatters" Terrible!!"

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