Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Silver Anniversary!

I left you all by yourself, and I was whisked away! A quarter of a century ago, I took his hand, and I am still holding it. Not so tight anymore, because I know who he is, and who I am. 

I thought maybe will he be asking me to marry him this time, because he never has...
But he won me over again and again, to start the next quarter with him!

I will share the time we had with you! We left in a yellow taxi, with my bag full of things he love to see me wear. To where, I still did not know. The boys were eager to wave us good bye! We flew from David to Panama City, and I was so curious, thinking that we might spend a weekend in a nice hotel, just the two of us. We landed in a shower in Panama City, with bright red umbrellas trying to keep us dry.

A nice hotel, indeed it was. I loved the luxurious feel of the white linen with the little black embroidered guitar in the suite of the Hard Rock Hotel. But we didn`t stay too long in the room, before we went shopping!

I bought my pair of high heels! The first in three years, and I felt tall and sleeky and sexy! I bought an evening dress, and I swirled it around my legs, loving the soft fabric. Hours later we left giggling with bags full of clothes, and I enjoyed every minute of being a consumer, trying on so many stuff! (You'll be delighted to see a couple of new outfits on the blog as well)  It is so....girls will be girls!

We took photos of all the artists` outfits and instruments in this beautiful hotel for Marco, sipping away on Margaritas!

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