Monday, December 7, 2009

Cruising North

It was our anniversary...22 years of fun and games! Isn't that exactly what a life journey and games? Some games are not so nice, some are breathtaking, some are boring, some are gruelling but afterwards in memory, just fun!

We sailed away from Port Owen at high tide about two o'clock the afternoon and had an awesome sail with the wind pumping at 15 knots pushing us towards Elands Bay. The day before we sailed the St Helena Bay and visited Stompneus Bay, Shelley Point and decided to anchor at Slippers Bay opposite a little restaurant in a house. We had our own candle lit dinner with the kids while the people in Slippers Bay gave us a show of fire works in the distance and somewhere a big party was happening. The bay was quiet, and it was strange to be woken during the night by a little puppy howling through the night.

Five o'clock the next morning we left and almost had to motor all the way because the wind had died down. Lots of dolphins played around us, on our way to Lamberts Bay.

We arrived at about four o'clock and sailed into the fishing harbour with a couple of fishing vessels and diamond mining vessels lying in the bay. Luckily we were welcomed by a little crayfish "bakkie" and the three fishermen told us where it would be safe to anchor.

The boys were immediately in the water diving to see where the crayfish will be. Quite tired after the whole day on the sea we hit the beds, but at one o'clock were awoken by a noise. After investigating we realized that the water level dropped significantly during the tide and we were bumping against sand or rocks. We shortened the anchor line and fasten Catlyn to two moorings as well for a safe and secure night.

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