Monday, December 7, 2009

Mola Mola!

Early the next morning we left Paternoster, while the whales were lazying just outside the bay. We had a light wind and time for the screecher to help us on our way. The sea was flat like a lagoon and the sun was hot. While we were enjoying the smooth sail, we did a bit of maintenance. Lanolin! Every little screw gets unscrewed, cleaned and then polished with lanolin and then screwed back in. Lanolin is a hydrous substance that keeps water out and prevent rust.

And then we saw that mysterious fin again! Johan saw it coming closer, and to his surprise saw a half eaten shark...only the head and top part of the body floating! We saw this too! But then it started moving and we saw a fish! A Mola Mola or a Sun fish. A pre-historic fish, half a fish. It can way up to two tons and eats jelly fish. After we met this fish, we saw lots of them basking just under the water in the sun. I couldn't get a photo yet, but am awaiting the opportunity.

We were on our way to Port Owen. Late afternoon we phoned Patrick the Marine Manager, and this gentle man, met us at the entrance of the Bergrivier at Laaiplek's jetty, got onto Catlyn and safely took us through to our berth. There we were greeted by so many friendly new faces, all just helping a hand to secure Catlyn to the poles in the water. No jetty...only poles to fasten her to. Hands were shaken, stories told and new friends made!

That evening we were invited to the yacht Club for a braai and little bottles of red wine.

Here we can stay!

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