Monday, December 7, 2009

Time to go

Catlyn was getting restless. She was fighting with the lines tying her to the jetty in Langebaan, and we decided to set her free! The water tanks was full and the diesel tanks and all the food "tanks." We had a choppy sail all the way to Paternoster. On our way we were accompanied by the usual seals and dolphins, but then confusion struck. The kids saw a funny fin in the waves. I saw it too, and we started guessing. Dolphin-no, seal-no, shark-may be? But it disappeared and we had to anchor at Paternoster with no answer to this mysterious fin.

What a lovely protected bay when the westerly winds aren't blowing. The bay was filled with the usual "bakkies" full of fishermen on their way home after a good day at sea. Kids were playing in the sand and elderly people were walking down the beach. We dropped the dinghy and me and the kids went to town, while Dad is cooking supper and looking after Catlyn.

We were offered cray fish as soon as we set foot on the land. R70 for a beautiful cray fish, but luckily we had a couple in the fridge. By law you are allowed to catch four crayfish with a license, and believe it or not, we are licensed. Paternoster had ice cream and fudge and ginger cookies!

A full moon smiled over us and Paternoster, while the little town was sleeping and we crept into our cradles for a peaceful night.

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