Friday, December 11, 2009

Lamberts Bay's Bird Paradise

It was dribbling softly when we woke up, but soon the sun was shining again. The men spend the morning in the open sea trying to catch some cray fish, but just like all the locals they came back with empty nets. Was it the weather? The stormy sea? Bad luck? We still have so much to learn.
With no fish for dinner we decided to check out the town. We secured the dinghy, and our nostrils were filled with the awesome smell of the potato chips factory! Just needed the vinegar and salt... This big factory use potatoes from the Sandveld and the Free State to make their chips.

The boys' tummies were rumbling by now, but luckily we found some real butter fudge in the Sandveld Shop. What an interesting shop with an old record playing in the back ground. Antiques filled the shop, and even a big buffalo was keeping watch from the wall...definitely no shoplifting in this shop. We found an old "Huisgenoot" magazine dated back to 1964, but unfortunately I couldn't buy it, Andria. I am sure you missed this issue!

On our way back we visited the Bird Paradise. Truly breathtaking is the thousands of Gannets living here. We followed the path ways to the outlook where you can sit and watch their neck scissoring, their sky looking and the way these big birds with a wing span of up to 1.8m take their clumsy lift off. In the back ground the seals and their young were living their lives.

Just remember to wear shoes because the path ways are made of the broken sea shells and that's how Marco landed on my back. While we were walking around, we read on one of the billboards that the Kelp gulls while breeding can be dangerous and you have to keep clear of them. If you do come too close they will start making their squawking noises and if you don't back off they will start attacking you by flying over your head and attack you with their wings and claws and drop their droppings all over you! Needless to say we were strolling and giggling all the way, when we passed a gull without noticing and according to her, it was too close! We didn't notice her warning signals and it was only when Johan saw a couple of them lifting off and flying in our direction that he realised there was trouble. He made a run for it, of course leaving me with Marco still on my back! Luckily he was making a bigger noise than the gull and they just hovered around us,and we fled!

Dinner time was spend at the lovely place, Kreefhuis restaurant ( where we had the best steak in a very long time and ended it off with a delicious cheese cake. Marco had the meat basket which is really a basket filled with value. Don't miss this old house close to the chips factory in Strand street for a special time and good food and very friendly service.

Ps. Johan tried to take a photo of the can see the big eye!

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