Monday, December 7, 2009

Lingering in Port Owen

Besides the fact that we had some maintenance to do on our main sail, we loved the time in Port Owen. Early morning Johan and I put on our shoes and took off to town...Velddrif. A quaint little town, with the most interesting "handelshuis" filled to the roof with everything you might need or not. After a couple of kilometres later we found the little hotel next to the Bergrivier, and enjoyed a lovely breakfast with a litre of fresh orange juice. Close to it lies the Pont Bridge, called after the Old Pont from the 1900 to 1950, helping vehicles to cross the river. On our way home we spend our last R9.40 on apricots, sold by a friendly old man in the street.

The day was spend by the boys in the water to cool down. Some more work was done on the main sail, and the boat needed a good spring clean. I had time to phone my friends, and shared with them the image of ten little ducklings with their mama swimming around the yachts begging for a nibble.

And then we dressed up for a night out! We went to the Port Owen Yacht Club, the guests of Patrick and his family. Anne, the beautiful Commodore welcomed us all and with Juliette and her Cook sisters, we had a lovely dinner!

Ps. Nature is so cruel...and the next morning only five little ones survived.

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