Monday, December 7, 2009

A touch of the future...

We enjoyed three days in Kraalbaai before we needed some proviand from the shops. We sailed back to Schaapen Island where we anchored on the sheltered northern side amongst all the kite surfers. We got into the dinghy and after a wet bumpy ride by Johan junior, we set foot on land. We walked to the Spar and Clicks Chemist to get some necessities and a bar of chocolate for a treat. A buzz of excitement was going through me and the felt like we are only visiting a foreign island, browsing around and then going back to our water home.

But the reality of life is always close by, when Dad had to go back to Cape Town to fetch our broken down blue bus. A clutch plate and a lot of money later, the blue bus travelling with us where he can, was up and running again. We were all relieved to see the blue bulk when Johan parked him opposite Pearly's, and waited for us to fetch him with the dinghy.

He came back to Catlyn and in his arms this big bunch of roses just for me. In that moment I felt so special looking at this soul with his arms full of roses in this tiny dinghy on this wide open sea! I got roses from land!

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