Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy week at Pier Salvador.

We enjoyed a good week at Pier Salvador. When it was not raining we took the opportunity washing and cleaning and the boys were in the engine room servicing both Yanmars and cleaning out mouldy lockers.  I realised once more that we still have too much clothes aboard,  and after washing all the clothes out fresh,  I vacuumed them in airtight bags and packed them away.  The only clothes left in our drawers are really the one's we are wearing.  There is no need keeping some for a maybe day...
I found some little white creepy crawlies in the boat, to my disgust, and the great search began for this little creatures, and how to get rid of them quickly!  I found the souce!  On the shelf where we keep our hats and caps, and the black carry bags for our shopping I found a lot of them.  I realised that we have been carrying them into the boat every time we went shopping.  All the croceries were packed into my black carry bags and then I store my bags on this shelf.  Now we do not bring any shopping or black bags into the boat before is is rinsed or wiped and the bags got a squirt of incecticide!  After visiting one of the shops again, we noticed all these little white creatures crawling on their shelves.  Thank goodness for these little ones,  our friends, the Germans tried to drown a mouse on their boat somewhere.
The boys had a great time with the shore power plugged into Earth! The X-box and the computers worked overtime,  and we didn't mind them crawling into their cabins whenever they could. Marco even organised a sleepover! He arranged his bed to make space for his sleepover friend, watching a movie late evening,  and ordered me to bring them some ice cold "hot" chocolate. He also sneaked a packet of sour worms in for them.  There was great excitement about his first sleepover on Catlyn!  Unfortunately his friend sneaked out during the night to his own cabin...and changed into his big brother again...
I skyped a lot this week,  and it feels like I have family again,  and Janlie and I made up for lost time.  I was wisked to Stellenbosch and all the student fun again!  Thank you for technology.
We visited the biggest shopping mall in Salvador,  Salvador Shopping.  The trip with the bus was a delightful experience and when we returned with the bus late that evening we decided that it is absolutely the most enjoyable way of travelling in Salvador. I found a new flat sheet for our bed,  and I had to resist not to buy some shoes!  Maybe it is because I haven't been in proper shops for about five months,  but I couldn't stop admiring the shoes.  I felt like buying some and mail it to S.A.
It is time to start shopping for the next couple of months again,  because we are emtying all the stuff we brought from S.A.  We are on the last bit of  "papmeel" and it is quite a scary thought not having our staple food any more. We searched all the shops but I am afraid that their "farofa"  has to substitute. More disastrous than everything is that our red wine is running out...

Ps.  Marco is trying to get a tooth for the Tooth Fairy or Tooth Mouse...we'll see which one will be able to get to Catlyn.

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