Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yacht Clube da Bahia

After more than two months we are realy getting itchy! Besides our engine (sail-drive) not being her real self yet, we`ve decided to pick up the anchor, and sail to Bahia Yacht Club close to the Yanmar dealer to pick up whatever spare parts we can get, and sail down to Morro de Sao Paolo. On our way up north again, we will pop into Itaparica and hopefully fix the sail-drive. We contacted Yanmar in South-Africa, and with Wayne de Kock's speedy help, we have hope. According to him it can only be one of two things..the first one we have checked..oil seals. The second can be the O-ring between the two sections of the leg. He sent us a list of parts we will need. O-ring, silicone, a new rubber protection boot and rubber vulcanising glue. We`ve emailed a Yanmar dealer in Salvador and found all the parts within no time, which we are going to collect. My trust is in my two new mechanics, proving to be so handy!

Oh yes, after about three weeks we received our package with the DC meter! It came from Nieuw-Zealand via UPS, and was `hi-jacked` at customs. After many translated emails and the lovely Natalie from the guest house and internet cafe (Pousada Muito Mais), phoning and trying in Portuguese, the message was clear. In Brasil, it doesn`t matter whether you receive a parcel that is old stuff or newly imported stuff or just an old repair, you must pay up the duty and then you will receive your parcel. No questions about it! So we did pay about R1000 for our fixed DC meter, which is now installed and working again.

The boys are busy lifting the anchor, and I better hurry!

Ps. Welcome to our new followers! Michael from Anico, we hope you are well! Allan and our lovely Ursh, thank you for joining, and we can`t wait to meet you with your yacht, Windward somewhere on the Big Blue!

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