Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sailing the Baia de Todos dos Santos.

We left Itaparica for the Bay dos Santos.  There is a couple of anchorages that we decided to visit.  While the rain was showering down every now and then,  the wind gave us a pleasant sail.  Our first anchorage was between Bom Jesus and Ilha do Antonio.  What a beautiful anchorage among a couple of local yachts and on the other side a German flag on a yacht.  In front of us was a lovely resort with thatched roof chalets,  and we were looking forward to a civilised drink at this stunning place.  But just as we were getting the dinghy ready,  the Germans came over and told us that it is a Private Club.  They've tried to go for a drink but was politely told to go.  So much for civilisation!  Joe explored the island with the canoe, and only came back two hours later,  canoeing all around the island.  In the mean time Marco decided to construct a tent for some shadow on Catlyn with the sheet,  and we enjoyed a cool drink in the brown shade. 
We lifted the anchor for the next anchorage at Maria Guarda.  We passed an industrial area with the smell of oil thick in the air, and huge tankers waiting to be filled up with fuel.  We anchored close to a village,  but with the dirty water and the noisy people and dogs we decided not to spend the night.  We moved around the corner of the island to find another yacht from England, and decided to join them for the night.  I sat up until 24h00, listening to people in a church.  I could only understand three words,  Jesus, evil and a lot of Haleluja's....but I enjoyed the peace of listening to the sounds of people praising...and said my own prayer for my family sleeping,  and the rest of my family somewhere far away...

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Janlie said...

Beautiful...must have been wonderful listening to the praising...sounds like you also sometimes have the same problem as us here with the noise and dogs;-)just can't get you guys xox