Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pier Salvador's Mother's Day

I woke up this morning to an ordinary day, boiled the kettle for coffee,  got the washing going,  saw to Marco's ear ache and in between  received a kiss and a hug  from my three men aboard.  We decided to go for a walk in the area, Ribeira.  Mothers were treated with gifts and flowers,  a lot of them dressed in red, and the restaurants were packed, with people still queing outside.  It was wonderful to see people from another world loving the special person in their lives.  Why can't we all live together in love all over the world over all nations, with the same love and respect we treasure  for our mothers? Will tomorrow just be another day again?
Still enjoying the atmosphere of Ribeira,  a car stopped next to us. Sandoval, from Pier Salvador! He picked us up, went back to Catlyn to fetch Marco, feeling off the weather,  and we went along with him, not knowing where we are going,  and with him only telling us that he wanted to take us on small city tour,  He toured the city Salvador with us, and I was delighted to find civilisation. Big shopping centres, lovely apartments, car dealers,  everything I was wondering about.  Marco even spotted two Mac Donalds! We stopped at Perini,  an upmarket shop, like Woolworths Foods,  and I couldn't resist to buy some cauliflower and broccoli, at R30 a piece.
We were impressed with the new Salvador.  He turned into a private estate at Alpha Ville and took us to his home. We met with his whole family and shared their lives for the day! They treated us to a barbeque,  with the delicatessen of chicken hearts on a skewer and drum sticks.  We learnt how to prepare Farofa using Fahrina de Mandioca,  a black root made into a flour.  Marco met Susi, the cockatoo and in a mix of broken English, Portuguese and sometimes even a bit of proper Afrikaans, after a couple of local Scol (beer) we chatted the night away.  What we couldn't understand we googled on the translater with the laptop lying next to the salad.  After dinner we visited George, SA ( thanks to Google) and showed them our home, and a touch of SA,  after learning that his son,  Tiago thought we are going to be black..  You should think that after the World Cup Soccer,  that people would know about our handful of white people in SA too, but alas. We invited them to come and visit our beautiful country one day.
The evening was ended with Sandoval teaching Joe to make the traditional Tapioca pancakes. It is a dry white starch mixed with a bit of salt and fried in a pan like a pancake,  and devoured with butter and cheese. Johan even filled his with the left over salad and Joe tried sugar without the cinnamon. We kissed each other good night, souls meeting, souls sharing and souls remembering...
Thank you Sandoval and Jenne and family for this memory.

Ps.  My Mama,  Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

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