Thursday, May 19, 2011

A very wet Itaparica

We left behind the luxury of Pier Salvador Marina,  and we motored to the grey skies above Itaparica.  It was good to be back and to see all the familiar yachts in the bay.  Marco was extremely excited to see the big catamaran,  Grainedo with his three French friends aboard.  Next to us we were delighted to see the first South-African yacht in Brasil.  But the rain kept us all in our yachts,  not daring to get soaked on our dinghies.  Hopefully tomorrow will have some blue skies.
We tried to be as invisible as possible on Catlyn,  when the second day of staying aboard came.  We played cards,  read a lot,  tried to get onto facebook when the internet was good,  and watched movies stretched out in the saloon.  Marco got inspired by us,  and decided to write his own pages on our blog.  Make sure that you don`t miss out on his world!

Ps.  Thank you to our three new followers,  We are looking forward to your input. Theophile from Grainedo is one of them ,  and the other are welcome to let us know about you.

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michelle said...

Hi guy's we have been following your great and funny storys for a long time, sounds like you are having a blast. We are leaving Port Owen at the end of year for Salvador, hence your blog is very interesting for us.thanks Marlene for yout great report, love from Bert and Michelle SY Snatch Port Owen