Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Florida - Palm Beach Gardens

The boys stayed over at Jaco`s flat in Palm Beach Gardens, glad that his roommate wasn`t there! And of course Marco wasn`t sick any more.  He was so happy to be with his big brother, and enjoyed his flat screen TV and Playstation, and all the new people he could meet. 

We stole moments with Jaco in between his work schedule. He is staying in a flat with 5 other young people from all over the world, in a complex full of a lot of some more young people, and we met every one of them!
We sat on his bed, drinking in every word he said,  laughing  at the familiar mannerisms, and then a huge brown spiky cockroach ran towards my feet! His friends burst out laughing, telling me not to worry, a cockroach is nothing, there is lizards and gecko`s too! I wasn`t at ease and waited, and when the brown spiky figure started crossing over to the other side of the room, I helped him with a crunching sound to cross over for ever, with my pink flip flop!
The next morning Johan and I drove to his flat to fetch the boys, but I had other plans! I had to see if there was more unwelcome guests in my son`s bedroom! I had the whole apartment in a roll! Where is the dust bins, where is the cloths, where is the vacuum cleaner? Poor Shaun didn`t work that morning, and had to look for everything! I scrubbed and cleaned just to make sure the next cockroach is going to pass this room for the next week! 

 When Jaco came home that evening after work, he wasn`t surprised of course, just gave me a hug, and smiled…

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