Thursday, July 26, 2012

Carnival in Trinidad!

They say it is a pre -Carnival Fete and that is why Johan and I, are up and fully dressed, at 21h30, when we are supposed to be getting ready for a good nights rest! We bundled Marco into Margaretha`s car, our pick up, and dropped him off at her TV, with a blue blanket for a long night! It is the night for the band Tribe, in Trinidad to show off their music and to introduce their theme and costumes for the Carnival 2013! We bought tickets, the week before, about 270TT per person, all drinks included. What a fabulous night! A bunch of ex South-Africans bundled together with other foreigners, like Jennifer from Venezuela, and girls from London and other places for an unforgettable night. We whined true to the Trinidadians, loving the moment of people being together, laughing the night away, until we left at four the next morning! And I was still awake! For the last couple of hours I was trying to lip read, sign language, anything just to try to hear something or say something! Will I ever be able to hear a my childrens voices again? I wondered.


Hungy we left in search for food, and we found delicious Gyro`s on a corner. It is a wrap with a chicken or beef or some filling inside! Delicious especially before the sun comes up, believe me. Parents tip toed into Margaretha`s house, trying not to wake a sleeping Marco...

What a night, I thought, as I tried to get the humming sound out of my ears.....  We can`t wait to be back next year, end of January 2013, hopefully with Brett and Teresa, the new owners of our yacht, to Carnival with them into their dream!

Butterfly and Beast...the Ultimate Carnival experience!

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