Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good bye, Joe, you gotto, my-ho!

No. it was not with a song in my heart, that I said good bye, but singing it now helps a bit.

Too soon the day came to say good bye to another of our children. We dropped Joe off at the airport in Port of Spain, Trinidad. He was so ready and I was not! With his blue backpack loaded he waved us good bye, and he left three people standing...

I would like to share his letter. He hid  the crumbled piece of paper under his matress for me, only to find when his gone, when cleaning his cabin...

Dear Mom, Dad and Marco!

Here I go over the big blue sea...where we sailed for so long.
From deep down in my heart, I thank all three of you for the wonderful adventures you have shared with me. Thank you for helping to open my eyes to a new world of possibilities.  I have grown in more ways than one.

The Lord is my shephard, I have everything I need. He guides me and all of us to green pastures and leads us beside peaceful streams.  The Lord is my shephard and you, all three of you are my loving sheep. I pray now for the safety and peace of my fellow sheep and bid them farewell for now.

Know now that we are not only connected by blood, but far more than that. Take one breath in, and one breath out, I too breathe the very same air as you do now. Now picture my face, imagine my voice and call my name...then you`ll know that we are one, always together. Now place your hand over your heart, and feel my love for you. This is not make believe, it is real, powerful energy spanning around the entire Earth and into the Universe. My love for you is stronger than the limitation of flesh and beams instantly toward you when you need it!

I pray for the day on Earth, where I can have the same relationship with all people on Earth, as I do with you. This is my ultimate dream, to walk side by side with all of the Worlds` people and create heaven on Earth.

God is with us all, so ask for Him.
Peace, love, joy, happiness, laughter and blessings!


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WINDWARD said...

Beautiful , you are a special family.Travel safe Joe . Thinking of you guys, Allan & Urs.