Monday, July 9, 2012

Sworn to secrecy!

I was sworn to secrecy for the last two weeks, and it was so difficult to keep my mouth shut.  But I got permission during the weekend to share the latest in our lives.

We sailed our last sail on Catlyn to Trinidad! Even just writing that slit through me, but it is true and it is time!

The sail was quite uncomfortable, and we were grateful to pick up the buoy in Chaguaramas in their dirty oily water. Margaretha was waiting for us, with two tubs of delicious peanut butter ice cream to lift our spirits. She took us to her apartment, and soon we were in a lot of fresh water, the first in a very long time. We enjoyed the pool and later the pizza she ordered for a lazy evening with her infront of the TV.

Early the next morning we met Brett and Teresa from Canada, the new owners of our Catlyn! Brett felt like family already, because we spend four days with him in Grenada a week or so ago, signing documents, having a surveyor peaking into Catlyns` life and having rum punch in Tiki bar.

Catlyn was hauled out in Peakes Marina, with a very excited Teresa, and us....oh how did we feel? I thought about it a lot, and Joe got it right! He said, he thinks this is how PMS should feel like....

Catlyn ready to meet her new family!

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Taunya said...

Will Brett and Theresa also write a blog about their experiences on Catlyn? I hope so, we've enjoyed reading about her travels. :)