Saturday, July 14, 2012

Living on the hard!

We are still on Catlyn, living high up in the air, missing the motion of the ocean, gently rocking myself to sleep.  It is quiet! With Joe gone, something is missing on the boat. With Brett and Teresa gone, (the new owners) we miss the energy of their excitement. I enjoyed having female company, crawling into small places to spit and clean. So it took us a couple of days to find a new harmony amongst us three people left on Catlyn.


I bumped into a boy, 12 years old, from South-Africa, and very quickly escorted him to our boat. (Sorry for still talking about our boat, but Brett and Teresa agreed to leave us on their boat until we know where we want to go!) Out of pure sympathy, he he, Brett installed an aircon to keep us cool, and to let us stay for a little while longer, looking after his yacht!

Back to the friend, Keeran from the Admiral catamaran, Avatar.He keeps Marco occupied, with Nintendos and sleepovers and a little bit of rugby, so he didn`t notice the empty yacht. Johan and I polish a bit and clean a bit, and keep an eagle eye on any mould trying to sneak in! It is dusty and dirty, and some guy `weed eat` the couple of green grass stalks trying to grow, and the next day he blows the gravel all over the place, leaving the leaves behind, and rocketing the `rocks` onto the deck of the boat!
Catlyn on the Hard at Peaks

I still stand in the shower, with a selection of hot or cold water, and I am so thankful for the water running over my body. I try not to wash my hair every day, loving the feeling of clean properly rinsed hair! The communal showers are just around the corner, only a climb off the ladder, for early morning excercise. Talking about excercise, I got the two men out of their cabins, and they joined me jogging every second day. Ok, jogging a bit, and walking a lot, but we will get better! Even Keeran and his mom, Fiona, joined the club!

Every morning we still `fly off` to another place in the world, looking for a place for the next couple of months, because we do not want to go back to South-Africa yet! Not because we do not miss our country, but because it is winter, and it sounds like a very cold winter indeed. Hopefully in the next week we will have a new adventure, with news to fill Catlyn`s blog! Yes, all our followers, it feels like I will carry on with her blog, although we sold her, and although she will be left behind next year.

Some more news for you! We sold her, but we will be coming back end of January 2013, (hopefully we missed the end of the world then.) Brett and Teresa asked us to join them on Catlyn for some time to get her ready for the new season, and to help them to get to know her, the way we did, and to love her, the way we still do!

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