Thursday, July 19, 2012

Enjoying Trinidad!

It is our third time in Trinidad, and for the first time we have time! I know it sounds silly, but every time we came to Trinidad, like most yachties, we were rushed to get the yacht fixed and clean and ready for the next season, and to rush off to start sailing! Or sometimes we even rushed off with another yacht, unexpectedly via the Pacific to another unplanned continent!

We have our own tour guide imported from South-Africa, to communicate with us in our own native language to prevent any confusion, and well educated about Trinidad, living here for  5 years!      How lucky can we be?

She invited us to her apartment for a treat with her mom`s recipe of chicken lasagne, where we spend the evening with her friend Shona, also from SA.

Margaretha came to pick us up for Movie Towne, to Marco`s delight. Ice Age is showing and he can`t miss that! We sat in beautiful soft chairs, tilting them slightly backwards if you want, with a variety of  hot food on your lab, in a little tray, and not only pop corn for dinner.

Thirsty after the laughter, we went to Malogney`s Irish pub, just in time for,  'buy one get one free cocktail', and Frozen Margaritas was ordered, and a huge chocolate milkshake for Marco! Stll hungry she took us deeper into the streets, with people liming and having fun, and she found the stall on a corner, with the best 'doubles' in Trinidad according to her.  Indeed it was! We feasted on the two flat pieces of baked dough, filled with a chick pea (ghanna) mix with herbs and more green stuff, and a touch of tamarind sauce...deliciously messy!

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