Sunday, July 29, 2012

Catlyn and the future of her blog!

I was asked what is going to happen to Catlyn`s blog, now that we have sold her. Taunya, I thought about it a lot, and I am sure I am going to think about it some more, but deep down, I know I have to carry on! Not only do I have to, but I want to! I feel I owe it to our beloved yacht, for taking us to places, allowing us to live on her, and to grow on her, and to share our story with so many people! Catlyn, to me, was the beginning, not the end!

Brett and Teresa have started their own blog,
....and I would love you to folow them as well!

Catlyn? She might loose her name, and she is going to loose her first family, but how can you loose something that is a part of you? We are living our last week on her, sleeping in my bed on her, for the last time, being on her, only us. But when we come back to her, next year January, I will move over to the port side cabin, and Brett and Teresa will move into the mastercabin, and we will help them get her ready for the new season, and then we will be sailing with them for 8 weeks or so, teaching them Catlyn` s naughty character, and her cheekiness, and showing Brett how to just love her sexy "derierre"!

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