Saturday, July 21, 2012

Zumba, Whining,!

Maybe I must start this blog with a link to a You tube video, or rather not! Well, it is too late now! When in Rome, you know... 

We are invited to a Fete, a pre -Carnival Party, or like in Trinidad, any excuse to have a party! But I was warned that it might be a good idea to try out a couple of the traditional ways of dancing before I go, otherwise I might stand out in the crowd, being blonde and green eyed won`t be the reason.

I stretched a bit, and Margaretha picked me up.  We entered the hall with about 30 women already moving around to very loud music. I made sure to stand right at the back, sharing the corner with the rubbish bin, with only two ladies next to me, swinging and swaying, hardly noticing a newcomer.  I intend to keep it that way, and didn`t even make eye contact. Margaretha filled the space right in front of me, and her hips were already moving, but nothing happened in my body!

Oh my word! How can I even think of moving my body like that in public?  I am sure I will get arrested, was the last thought that went through my head, and after standing there gawking at the swaying hips rolling on their sockets, pelvic rythms......I closed my eyes, not to see myself in the mirror at the front of the class, and my body started moving. Why didn`t I have another Margaritha with Margaretha? Confidence, liquid confidence, anything, I need help! First very slowly, not to unscrew something,  and when I realised that I am still safe, not injured or in jail, I did it!

So much freedom, so much expression in the movement with all these women, having a wonderful time!  Young skinny women slowing the dance down to a beutiful sexy movement, voluptious women bringing their bodies into a swinging swaying motion, loving their bodies, letting go. Old women,  even one with a neck brace, but not stopping her from the sensual movement of her lower body. I moved, I swayed, I rolled, I laughed and I loved...

The Madonna of Whining, Patrice, gave me a couple of hints to perfect my moves after class! 'Soft knees, Marlene!' she said, as she dropped her knees and started rolling. 'Put your hands on your hips, feel the pelvis bone....roll to the side, back, side...... front!'she said.  And it was good!

How wonderful to  be a much fun! ' Maybe you can start whining classes for our women when you are back home one day!' Johan said with a wide smile on his face.

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