Wednesday, April 27, 2011

24 April, Sunday.

We are in Brazil, just over a month,  and we are being so comfortable.  We know where to shop,  where to play and where to mail my mom's letters.  Last night we went to the square where the locals hang out, and enjoyed the evening with one of our Swedish friends, Jonas.  They entertained us with their local music,  and some people taking on the dance floor with their traditional dances. Johan and I showed them some well applauded "langarm",  and received a chuckle from our kids. What a lovely evening,  enhanced with the "caparinhas".

It is also long weekend in Itaparica, so the bay is flooded with all the boy's toys.  Big ones, small ones, and beautiful ones,  like the Azimut's and an amazing yacht lying just behind us. This morning they are slowly starting to return,  and Itaparica is silencing back to normal again. Marco's three friends are also leaving with their yacht, Grainedo, to the other islands,  but we hope to see them again soon.  Now we will be on the lookout for new friends again for a while.  Emails and facebooks are exchanged to follow each other and hopefully we'll meet again.
My rain catcher is working like a dream.  Every night with the down pours, the tanks are filled to the brim.  My Skipper treated me to a bath tub filled with foamy warm water, a glass of red, and the flickering flame of my vanilla candles. I couldn't get myself out of this warm bath,  and stayed in there until my feet were all wrinkled... Thank you to Maverick Yachts, the builders of our Maverick 400 Catamaran for designing Catlyn with such a nice bath.

Ps. Welcome to Roseline,  our new follower.

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Jaco123 said...

Great blog mom, klink na n awesome adventure! Love u guys