Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcoming a visitor aboard.

At last her plane landed and she took the taxi to us,  in Terminal Turistico Nauticda Bahia.  It was so great to see someone we knew standing in front of the blue gate with her bags.  We got her out of her warm clothes from London very quickly and enjoyed all the goodies in her bags.  Marco was overjoyed with his stash of Aromat and Oreo's  and we were spoiled with chocolates and curries and creams  and Gilette Fusion Shaving Blades for Joe ...  You are also welkcome to come and visit us,  just keep one bag for special requests!

The numerous markets attracted the boys,  and they enjoyed quibbling for a bargain.  Johan couldn't stay away from the fresh markets,  where we bought naartjies,  potatoes,  onions and lovely prunes for good prices.  The KFC stock was loaded into little cages with guinea fowl and doves,  and on top mice and rabbits and hamsters and the odd "boerbok"  on a line.  The cashew nuts and peanuts,  so fresh are very well priced.  We had fun among the smells of the chillies and chickens...

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