Monday, April 18, 2011

Rio Paraguacu

We left our first anchorage, and for the first time in our lifes, we sailed a river! It was amazing seeing this river opening up in front of us, with the lush green forests and mangroves.  Since coming closer to Brazil I was searching for the animal and bird life. But it was the odd bird that flew past, and since we are here only a couple of times we spotted a few dolphins.  They are so shy that we couldn't even see enough of them to try and identify them.  As soon as we are back at Itaparica with Internet access again I will do some research on this,  or maybe my assistant,  Anriette can help me on this topic.  Bird- and marine life in the Bahia, Brazil area, please?  The deeper we sailed  into the river, the more birds we saw. 

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Wo.anderer said...

Hi Marlene
Ons het ook een maal daar dolfyne gesien en ek dink hulle was Tuxuci ( ). Pragtige rivier nè.