Sunday, April 24, 2011

Normal daily life.

Itaparica is our base,  our home.  And just like returning home after a holiday, it is lots of cleaning and washing and getting back to normal "school hours."  Normal school hours are as close to 9 o'clock as we can get,  and it lasts until about 11 o'clock.  During that time Johan and Joe do some maintenance or work on their websites...

We are still waiting for our DC meter from Nieuw Zealand,  which arrived a week ago.  But we can't get it, because UPS/Customs think it is an import, and we have to pay some taxes.  Due to the language barrier we are battling to let them understand that it is not a new item , but just a repair.  Hopefully we will receive it early next week.

Marco found three French friends who can speak English,  and they were having a wonderful time.  It is so amazing to see parents searching for friends on other boats for their children,  and we always create opportunities for socialising.  They enjoyed the beach, wrestling, building forts and lego's and the odd visit to the internet cafe.

Joe is totally lost behind his video camera,  and is a formidable Youtube movie maker.  It is great to see a young man so inspired...

Ps.  Welcome to all the new followers. Please feel free to comment. And to Allen, and all the yachties following,  we will appreciate your valuable input.

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