Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ilha laja Anomba, Brazil

After the thrilling morning we spent rowing the Paraguacu river, we lifted anchor, and left Joe behind. He stayed behind with his video camera on a canoe and rowed the river all alone,  to our next anchorage,  Ilha laja Anomba.  There was no wind, so with the main sail up, we just enjoyed the strong outgoing tide pushing us forward a whole 3 knots. Every now and then we caught sight of him,  and eventually a young man's thirst and hunger beat the beauty of the scenery,  and he rowed to Catlyn's stern for breakfast on his canoe..

I successfully sewed the rain catcher and late morning the first drops were running down,  all by itself, straight into the empty bellies of our 1000 l water tanks!  It sure helps to be lazy!

At last Johan found the correct words for the beef cuts in Brazil!  We had the most delicious rump steak for lunch!  With his dictionary he ordered the butcher to cut "de alcatra"  and we are looking forward for the new delight of red meat!  The previous rump landed in a bean stew cooked for 2 hours.We loved the juicy steak and the boys so missed pizzas...it was the closest we could get to Pannarotti's Brazil!  See the recipe section soon if you like a thin base pizza. 

Sipping caparinhas on deck with the full moon keeping an eye on us we enjoyed the last night in the river, before heading back to Itaparica in the morning.
The boys decided that they needed to end this awseome journey in this river,  washing and playing in it's luke warm water with the tide rushing through their legs.

After a much interrupted night, opening and closing hatches for cool air,  we lifted the anchor for Itaparica.  My little girl was waiting on Skype!

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