Monday, April 18, 2011

Sao Francisco do Paraguacu

Marco was delighted with the locals' long tree trunk boats with their  colorful square sails. 

We reached Sao Fransisco early afternoon,  and dropped the anchor right in front of the majestic Fransiscan Cathedral,  just as the only other yacht, from France, were lifting anchor.

Lying on the deck under the Moroccan tent,  the cool breeze was welcome. (Thank you, Marianne and team in Port Owen for this tent,  it would have been unbearably hot without it!).  The scent of incence touched my nostrils,  making me wonder.  Did it come from this closed up,  delapidated church?  It was as if someone from a long time ago, welcomed me in a language I love,  aroma.
The boys were playing in the strong current with the body board and big tube,  loving life!

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