Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Appalachian Trail

We are still in Grenada, enjoying the sunshine, the salty sea, and the rum punch in Tiki Bar!

Joe is a very busy young man, with his head in the computer, and his dreams on the hike!  He is flying away on the 5th of July  to the USA, to start this amazing hike. The Appalachion trail, a hike of 2184 miles, spanning across 14 states, starting in Georgia ending in Maine. 

It seems like the Gypsy blood is running strong in his veins,  urging him to carry on after sailing with Catlyn for 3 years!  Luckily he is taking all his camera equipment with, so we will definitely share in his adventure.

I will keep you posted, and if any of our followers are living close to the trail, please contact him for a plate of good hot food!

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