Monday, August 6, 2012

Joe and Jaco on Skype !!!

Photo snapshot while talking on Skype !!!

Many miles away, and we sit and enjoy the light in our two boys` eyes! Joe hiked close to Jaco, on the Appalachian Trail, and got a lift to his brother in North Carolina, at Cashiers. It was a whole week of sleeping on a couch, the softest in the world after three weeks on the ground! Joe hiked 260 miles so far, and is starting again tomorrow, planning another 900 miles !!!

 I am sure Jaco`s flat mates are glad to see Joe go, nothing was safe in the fridge, even old cheese tasted good.

Jaco is working at the gholf course, Wade Hampton, loving the beautiful forest and the amazing gholf courses. He was spoilt getting a visit from his little brother. Joe got spoilt with good memories, watching a BaseBall Game in Atlanta.

 When I asked them about the game, they were a little vague, but they did take a photo to show me, where they`ve been! The two luckily ended the visit safely, after gholf carting at night on the green grass!

We miss our boys, but if I see their young faces, and I hear their laughter, it gets better!
Be good, Jaco, and walk safely, Joe!

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