Monday, August 20, 2012

The love of a mother!

Mom dressed up for a fairy party
This morning I sat in our condo, on the fourth floor in Quito, and my mom was with me! She sat on the other side of my computer, and we laughed and cried, and hungrily shared our stories, and then she told me....

My baby sister, not so baby anymore, is a mother of three boys, and lives a life in Queenstown, SA. Her middle son, also Johan, just like my late father and my husband and my son!  No inisiative, you must think! But any way, he came home on Friday, a little upset, telling his mother that he won`t be able to go to school on Monday! Being the very strict mom she is, she couldn`t believe this boy, being so cheeky to forsee the future!

Johan Prinsloo Fouche

After questioning him a bit, he came with the reason. "It is Grandpa Picnic Day, and I don`t have a grandfather to have a picnic with, so I will rather stay home!"  And then my sister did something. that made me smile, made me laugh, and then even cry a little bit.  She got into her car with her son, and drove to the nearest Old Age Home, and asked the Matron, if they have a Grandfather that she may borrow for Monday morning!  The wonderful women walked her to a grey man, sitting next to the window, looking over the winter grass, and as he turned around she knew, she found a Grandpa for her son!

It is Monday morning and a very happy little boy, and a very happy man walked into the school yard together, with a huge picnic basket in his hand!

I love my sister, and I love her even more today....being such a wonderful mom!

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