Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quito, Ecuador!

After a connection flight in Panama`s Airport, the one with the very dirty carpets, we arrived in Quito! We stood in the lines for what felt like hours, and were relieved to see our names on a piece of paper. Lilya Bokova (our Quito Landlord) and the taxi man were waiting for us patiently. We drove to our apartment through the streets of  new country, to tired to think, and with Lilya very excitedly telling us everything we need to know as we drove. She showed us around in the flat, warning us of pickpockets, and we fell into our beds at 02h00! We were exhausted! Luckily we took some altitude sickness tablets, only a half each on the airplane, but still the walk up the flight of stairs was difficult! Johan was pale, and even Marco was short of breath. The air was not only cool, but very thin!

Waking up the next morning, we were still not in love with our new destination, and we sat around lazily in the apartment, but soon our hunger pains forced us to go hunt for food.  We live a very short walk (20 meters from the northern entrance) of the La Ronda area, and we knew that we are going to love staying here for a while.

Our view outside our Condo of the Statue of the Virgin of Quito

We walked the cobblestones,

La Ronda

and I imagined myself the feet from centuries ago walking this same street. I looked up to see the street lanterns, and the geraniums on the European style balconies. Charming, it is indeed! We went during day time, and a lot of the restaurants and shops are closed, but the families played games and ate ice cream in the street.

La Ronda

Our hunger pushed us into a little place smelling really good, and after "Hamburguesas" and lots of french fries (papas fritas), and a huge milkshake for Marco, with  bill of 7US$, we liked Quito even more. Johan had an orange juice (Jugo) freshly squeezed, for 1US$, for a big glass!

Caribe Cafe - Since 1950

We were delighted to buy big red tomatoes, a whole big packet for 1US$, and we found a Supermarket where we stocked up on vegetables, apples,tangerines etc!

If you have been following the blog, you would know by now, that fruit and veggies are of such poor quality, (if you are lucky to find some), and so pricey in the Caribbean. Ecuador is a must for a sailor, after sailing for a couple of years, the fresh fruit will get rid of our 'scurvy!'

Welcome to Ecuador, Quito!

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