Sunday, August 26, 2012

Living and loving Quito!

It is almost two weeks now, that we`ve been living in Ecuador, and we are settled in our own routine. Everyone waits for me to boil the kettle, and Marco waits for a toasted sandwich or cereal, and then we crawl out of bed. We stretch a bit, all the sore muscles of the night, and then we start with the Insanity excercise program, Jaco recommended! I will not go into a lot of sweaty detail, but we are suffering after three years sitting on a yacht! Luckily it ends some time, and then we are off, to walk off the new sore muscles.

 Of course we can`t resist the fresh orange juice along the road, and we also pop into the supermarket for fresh bread, and water and some more fruit for the day! The little bit of excercise help us not to feel too guilty about the ice creams we devour!

Johan is in heaven, tomatoe heaven in Ecuador! Nowhere on our sailing route since we left home, could we find decent and affordable tomatoes, and here we pay 1US$ for a huge bag, from a woman standing next to the road.

Visiting the Basilica del Voto Nacional!

One tower of the Basilica.

Some days we walk back home for breakfast, and school, and some days we jump onto a bus, to somewhere new! We couldn`t resist walking uphill to the Basilica del Voto Nacional! A priest had an idea to built this majestic basilica, in 1883, and even up till today, this construction job is not finished yet, but still so impressive. We loved the simplicity, and the lack of gold statues in this building. The colorful lead glass, enticed us to go further into this basilica. I found seven candles, one for each of my family, and Marco and I said a prayer for each of them.

 I couldn`t resist climbing up the delapidated steps into the 78 meter towers of the basilica, to stand in awe of the city!
See the Statue of the Virgin Mary on top of the Hill !

Coming back home, we make time for our loved ones, and we are too happy if anyone is available to Skype! Marco and Jaco keep each other busy for hours, laughing it away!


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