Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saying goodbye to Trinidad!

Saying goodbye to Catlyn in Trinidad...but only for now! We"ll be back! And I am so grateful for that, for the wonderful knowing that we didn`t have to say goodbye to our Yacht yet!

A new Marco- hair nicely cut!

It is a very busy time to get your yacht ready for staying closed up on the hard. She will be standing there for about 6 months! She is polished outside to prevent the dust and dirt from sticking to her. We took down all the canvas, and will wash that off on our return. All the lines are hanged in the sun, to be rinsed down by the rain and dried by the sun! The previous time, I did not do that, I left the lines secure in their hole! What a mess when we returned. They were green and black from mold and algae, and I had to scrub centimeter by centimeter with a little brush!

I washed down every milimeter of Catlyn`s inside with undiluted vinegar, and even left bowls of vinegar in the cabins, to scare off the mould!  All the chrome like the faucets in the hesads, were left white with marine polish!

The canoes and windsurfer are safely stored in the salloon, and the matresses are aired for a fresh return! I even opened all the lockers and drawers and cupboards for air, hoping the installed air conditioning will do its best to keep the yacht as cold as possible. Hopefully the mould will smell the vinegar sour in the air, and feel the cold breeze of the aircon, and hopefully they will go looking for another yacht!

Happy Desert Days...

We were packed and ready to get our Maxi Taxi, with Shevah, stacking his whole back seat with our bags!  Marco said his good byes to the two girls from Jangles and the American boys! We said goodbye to Margaretha and Marese the night before, and we were ready to start our new journey on land! Ecuador, here we come!

From left : Benny, Marco, Kaleb & Canyon
ps. We have good intentions, to loose a little of bit weight after having too good a time in Trinidad! We read that the fruit and vegetables are cheap and plenty in Ecuador!

Steel pan band saying goodbye for us @ Airport

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