Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quito, the modern city!

We were totally adapted to the thin air by now, and decided to suss out the bussses! Of course we landed on the wrong bus first, and only saw the Statue of the Virgin of Mary going in the wrong direction. With our little bit of Spanish, we found out that we have to take the green stripe bus, going "norte!"(north)  We  thought the taxis in Grenada know how to stack a lot of people into a little bus, but I was amazed at the people just cramming in. I landed close to the automatic doors, and I was scared to loose a limb in one of them. We got off somewhere in the big city, with the sky scrapers towering, and it was such a contrast to the old "historico" little town we live!

It had a beauty of its own, with the parks for children and art all over the green lawns. Malls are not our favorite pass time, but we knew we had to see if they are any different than those in the rest of the world. They weren`t, but we found a retaurant with the best T-bone steak ever! For the first time since sailing, Johan  could enjoy a good piece of meat, like back home. He ordered the T-bone, Marco a fillet mignon, and I had a kebab with a piece of chicken and beef! Our bill came to a whole 16US$!  We will defnitely be back!

By now, following us, all over you must know that we love ice cream! It is just an awesome treat for us! We enjoyed the extra long pointy ice cream, and I had mine dipped in peanuts and crunch! I sure hope these hills we are walking up and down every day will help, because I can`t resist these delicacies!

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