Thursday, August 16, 2012


It took us about three days to really feel better, not that we were sick, but we were out of breath after j a short walk, and going up the hill burned my thighs, and I knew it was not only because of the high altitude, I think it has something to do with the parties in Trinidad as well!

We enjoyed the cobblestone streets, and Marco couldn`t believe that he was taller than most women and almost the same length as the men! I enjoyed the leather shops with all the shoes and boots, and I am definitely going to try and sneak a pair of boots onto Catlyn next year. Of course we found ice cream galore, and this time almost for free! We followed the man with the fruit on his shoulder, making sure not to miss out on all the precious vitamins in there.

The 'Historico' town is very accessible, and we enjoyed walking and snooping into all the little shops. The Plaza Grande is a great place to sit on the steps and watch Quito go by! I said a prayer for all my children in one of the Cathedrals, embossed in gold, with statues and splendor, of many years ago! I couldn`t stop thinking about all the blood which has spilled in these streets of this beautiful little town. The La Rhonda came to life, as soon as it was dark, with musicians, and artists crowding the streets, and we watched their local dancers, listened to their music, and even tried to understand the Spanish clowns! Food was all aound us, chocolate fountains were enticing us, with the energy of all the people mingling in the streets.

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