Friday, August 24, 2012

News on Joe!

Joe has been such a part of my blog, and although he walked away, I would like to share a little bit of his adventure with you. I spoke with him the day before yesterday, via Skype, and he has completed 467miles of the Appalachian Trail in USA, since he started hiking the 8th of August. His best hike for a day was 26 miles! He already crossed a couple of States, and are in Virginia at this moment, still going strong to reach New York within two months! It is getting colder, and we hope that he will be ok, still.

He has so many stories to tell, and I will only share one of them. He has seen a bear, right infront of him on his foot path, and a little cub running into the woods, and a big snake sharing the path with him, and he has met many special people touching his life.

While hiking the Appalachian, it is as if everything and everyone is looking after him. The other night it was starting to get really cold in his little tent, and he tried to roll himself in a closer bundle to keep himself warm, but his head keep on feeling the iciness of the night. He got up as usual, at about 06h00, and started to hike, to warm up, before he would find a place to set up his Esbit stove, and to use one of Martins` tablets,( Martin is one of the angels on his path) to light a fire to do some cooking.

While walking he noticed something among the leaves on the ground, and as he bend over, he found a beany! He rushed up to the stream, rinsed it, and hooked it onto his back pack, to dry. That night as the dark fell, he wore his beany, given to him by a special angel!

Joe is busy keeping a journal, and he is planning to share that with the world one day!


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