Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Silver Thread of Love.

It didn`t stop, we were having a wonderful time! It was special not to have the kids around, no school, no food no cleaning up.....the only two people around was Johan and I!

But the kids were in our thoughts a lot, when we saw these beautiful young girls...we wanted to share them with Joe and Marco at home. When I enjoyed the soft sweetness of the chocolate mousse, Janlie shared it with me. At the Soda Fountain, we drank a glass for Jaco. And we missed Louis, when we remembered how he made up his mind to be in the entertaining world one day, after being on the Ship with us, five years ago!

We lazied the day away at the pool...

And the evening we dressed up for the Captains` Dinner!

 I spend hours in front of the mirror, loving it to sit quietly in a soft white robe, touching my freshly washed hair, applying mascara to my lashes. Do I sound silly? Can you really try and get into my shoes for a little while? And remember I am wearing black high heels, not my flip flops or my scaly salty feet....
I am dousing my slightly tanned skin in Chanel, enjoying the rich softness of the smell. Can you imagine me, enjoying the smell, not of  Citronella, or Sun Lotion...
I felt like a women again...soft, so female, so spoilt!

And of course I enjoyed my man, and couldn't believe how gorgeous he looked just for me!


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