Monday, December 31, 2012

Seven Indigo Feathers...


Seven Indigo Feathers for my family...

We are so blessed, our seven souls, and today I am bending down my head, just with a prayer of gratefulness.

It was planned so nicely to bundle together Seven Indigo Feathers, to land on a trunk covered with moss. Sometimes the moss underneath us, turned a little brown when we dried up a bit to the Love of Life, sometimes the moss became patchy, when one of us lost track of the Love of Family, sometimes the moss were a jubilant green, when the Love of God brought us together over miles, just in thought and in our hearts!

Thank you for taking the Time, the Time to sit down with each one of us, on a trunk covered with Moss, holding our hands gently in Yours, and allowing us to choose to Live to Learn to Love our life's together.

I bend my head and place Seven Indigo Feathers in Your Hand...a bouquet of Love!

Thank you, thank you, thank you....

Dad, Mom, Louis, Jaco, Janlie, Joe, Marco


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