Friday, December 14, 2012

Silver beginnigs!

It was not a weekend in a lovely hotel, just a wonderful night! We left after breakfast, and arrived some time later infront of a huge ship! The secret was too big now, to keep it from me any longer!  He was taking me to a place we found so much of ourselves, and of each other the past three years, the Big Blue!

I felt like a little girl waiting in my bed for my mommy and daddy to open my door, with the candles on the cake and a brightly colored gift! It was so wonderful to be romanticized like this. Is that the correct word, for what was happening to me? We giggled and laughed and I loved the look of pleasure in the brown eyes I know so well.

We sailed away for eight days on The Grandeur of the Seas, to the ABC Islands! We sold our Catlyn, still planning to go to the ABC`s, and here we were, on a slightly bigger boat!

But the surprises did not end. The previous times we were on a Cruise Ship, was with my family, and the other time with my kids! But now it was just the two of us, and Johan prepared me to make peace with the fact that I will have to sleep on the top stacker bed in the little cabin! Hmmm, I thought, after holding your hand for so long, I knew that twitch in your mouth! It is there when you are not telling me the whole truth!

And as I walked into the State Suite, with a king size bed, and lounge and balcony on the aft deck, I knew that the twitch in your mouth is still telling the truth! I ended up in my own bath tub, bubbly to the brim, and a glass of champagne to keep the celebration of our time together going...


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