Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Silver turns to Gold!

Today was our Anniversary, the 5th of December, although my Anniversary started when Johan and I got into the yellow taxi at our Villa Escondido. And before that it started in a little town, Ogies (Little Eyes) in SA when I married the man polishing his shoes on the steps of the church!

Bonaire! Our next destination! We walked down and were met by all the people so excited to see the tourists pouring out of these big Cruise Liners. It was hot and humid, and we walked the town. We were searching through the yachts, maybe we might see a familiar one! Maybe Tikka might be here, maybe?

It is a lovely island, with shops and cafe`s filling the streets, and I rested in the heat at the side of a welcoming soft women!

It was so quiet on the Ship when we returned, with all the people on land, we enjoyed the pool, and the sun on the deck chairs!

And of course there was no one at the ice cream bar!

Of course we visited the gym on the ship. With all the sweetness I was consuming, I had to try and burn a bit! On the way to the gym, we enjoyed the Spa, en met the two beautiful girls from SA! How wonderful it was to speak in Afrikaans, to laugh and to hug as if...  Changtelle came from Springs, so close to my birthplace, and Victoria from Joh`burg. Johan and I were the only guests on the ship from SA!

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner, being spoilt by our waiter, Marina and Alex with a candle on a cake and joyful singing celebrating with us!

When we opened our door to our room, we were surprised by a plate filled with chocolate coated strawberries, and a bottle of wine! I was brought to tears with a white card on the little table, in my language! The two girls wrote us a card, pouring with the love in their hearts! Thank you, thank you, thank you....

To parents, somewhere in SA, who let their girls go to work on this ship, be proud! They are beautiful, professional, happy and filled with love!

With the sweet taste of strawberries, we fell asleep...


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