Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Silver Oysters in Curacao!

The wonder just didn`t stop, it carried on when we stepped on land at Curacao! We left the big Mother Ship with our tummies too full, but we enjoyed the tastes of berries and fruit and juices! We tried to avoid everything we are used to, and devoured the new tastes and not so available food!  I decided the second day at the lunch buffet, that I am not going to waste any time or calories on food or a healthy salad, I went straight for the desert table, laden with the most divine delicacies.

I am living the life in the Silver Oyster of the World! This was exactly the way I felt the morning on our way to land. I am so grateful for this life, this love...

Curacao is indeed an Oyster! It is ready for all the tourists, standing there with all its shops and markets, making it a memory. I helped the rustic man with his guitar to sing a song of Mandela and our country, keeping the rhythm.

We crossed this amazing bridge floating on the water, and as soon as a ship has to pass, the floating bridge are just pulled away, making space. The bridge is connecting the one side of the island with the other, too beautiful! I loved the colors of all the buildings, beautifully restored, inviting the people of about fourteen Cruise Liners visiting this island per week!  No wonder the shop assistants asked us which ship we are from all the time. They know the different Cruise Liners, how many people are aboard, which nationalities are aboard, the shopping patterns of the people, etc. When they heard we are from the Grandeur of the Seas, they were curious where we from, and how did we get here, so far away from our country?  They told us, that we were early for that ship, because the Latino`s first go to the playas (beaches) and then they hit the shops! And they just love a bargain or a Sale, and that is why there are discounts today in all the shops!  Hmmm, I enjoyed the science of Sales!

The perfume and the watches and electronics are a good buy on this island, and the people came aboard with flat screens and lots of pink Victoria Secret`s bags!


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