Sunday, December 16, 2012

Silver linings!

We arrived at Cartagena, Columbia with the smell of the sea, but I missed the feel of the sway of the Ocean on this huge ship. Sky scrapers were towering, and I was amazed. This is Columbia! So many people I've met told me not to miss Columbia, and here I was!

We had a about ten hours to spend on land, and were welcomed by the colorful women of Columbia! Of course we skipped the taxi men waiting around the corner, charging 60US$ to take you to town for about three hours. Old Travellers, you know! We walked away from the park with the parrots loving the attention of the people, leaving behind the button on Johan`s cap, in one of the parrots` beaks! A couple of blocks away we found a taxi, for 20US$ to take us around for three hours.

The historico town was lovely with colors of blues and yellows and up the cobble stones, almost reflecting the friendliness of the people.

The old town was encircled by the Old Fort and the thick grey walls, keeping some in and some out, and we walked all along these massive walls.

We walked passed the Police headquarters, where a lot of policemen were eagerly waiting to get onto their new bright green motorbikes...fighting crime over the Festive season!

The parks were beautiful with sculptures and churches and cafes. I loved these telling the stories of everyday life of the people of this country.

Of course this one was my favorite, especially living on this Cruise Liner now! I loved the voluptuous Latino women, and I had fun indulging in the cake and pastries....  A girl has to do what a girl has to do...  These women are so confident in their bodies, emphasizing their curves in their tight fitting jeans, showing off their softness in their tank tops. They walk and roll their hips, they smile and show their cleavage, and love being who they are....

And our evening ended in the Gatsby Room enjoying the sweet and creaminess, savouring the flavours of fruit and berries in the pastries....


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